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Mom Got Angry About My Oatmeal Veggie Loaves

Monday afternoon my mom criticized me for using up the oatmeal to make my veggie loaves, the next day she criticized me for "using up ALL the 1.25 qt bottle of soy sauce in two weeks". Then she went on a rant about high blood pressure "from pouring soy sauce into (the oatmeal loaves) and "I've been noticing you--you use oatmeal to make THOSE THINGS OVER AND OVER AGAIN--you're going to end with health problems!

Health problems from oatmeal? Mom didn't buy the soy sauce just two weeks ago, it was over a month ago before she left for a visit to her family. She insists she had the soy sauce two weeks.
When ever I use the soy sauce I try to use as little as I can, not just because of the sodium containt , I live with others in the house.

Mom said she "wasn't placing blame on me", but what else can I think?

The oatmeal is the only high fiber grain in the house so there is very little I can really make. Are there any veggie loaf recipes using no soy sauce?
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